Friday, November 22, 2013

How to recognize a crazy knitter girl!

This is Steffanie! We work together :) We had a lot of fun yesterday taking silly pictures with my phone! You see it was very cold here yesterday. Okay it was very cold for Portland, 26 degrees is cold for here! So Steffanie put on her hand-knits dropped the kids off at school and headed to work! Well when she told me that she had on no less then 4 different hand-knits, on her upper body alone. I told her we must get a picture for the blog! So on went the knits and for our silly little photo shoot. So you can recognize a crazy knitter girl if you see someone wearing more then two hand knits that don't match! Okay, maybe they are not the crazy knitter but they must know and be loved by a crazy knitter :)
Happy Adventures, Trish

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  1. Yea Steffanie! You are the best! I love your hand knits and the blanket you are posing in front of! Sending warm thoughts from sunny Tucson! -Jennifer